All About Spikeless Women’s Golf Shoes

One of the major differences between spikeless women’s golf shoes and regular ones is that they don’t have any spikes on the soles. Instead, what happens is that a metal plate is placed under the heel to stop any unwanted “spikes” from getting on the green. This plate needs to be very sturdy, as you will most likely be carrying your bag around the course. This can take some abuse from the golf course, and if it gets worn down or damaged in any way then you’ll have major problems.

spikeless womens golf shoes

In order for them to remain sturdy and functional, the spikes need to stay in good shape. This means that you need to run an annual tune-up on them. If you do it properly, you can expect it to last for years. This doesn’t mean that you can’t take it out to play a few games, as you need to get the spikes removed every time before you take your game on.

First of all, you need to make sure that the spikes are evenly spaced all the way around. If they are not spaced evenly, they will rub up against each other, and this will cause them to break down over time. Also, keep in mind that if they are not completely even, it may cause them to dig into each other and cause more friction. It’s really important that you get them completely even. Next, you want to try to smooth out any rough spots on them. If there is a divot in your foot that is causing a problem, then you should go ahead and remove it.

Spikeless golf shoes have a special type of coating on them that helps them resist damage over time. This coating is called nubuck, and it protects the spikes from scratching against each other. If you notice that your shoes are starting to look a little worn over time, then you should definitely go ahead and get the spikes replaced. This will prevent the spikes from deteriorating and wearing down.

If you are going to replace the shoes, then it’s important that you find a pair that fit you properly. Make sure that they are snug but not too tight. You should also consider how tall you are when you are purchasing these shoes, because they need to be a certain length. They usually come in all sizes, but you may need to order them a size larger than your normal size.

These shoes can come with spikes or without spikes. You’ll find that they come with natural rubber spikes in them, but you can also buy them that have ceramic spikes instead. This is a great option if you are going to be playing on hard, green surfaces. Also, don’t forget to check out the different flexes that these shoes offer. There are some people who prefer the flexibility offered by synthetic spikes, but others prefer the flex brought about by natural spikes.


How To Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords With High Search Volume

Targeting Low Competition Keywords – Make Ranking Easier

The Death of Keywords

I really wish we didn’t have to worry about keywords.

I would also bet that Google wishes they didn’t have to worry about keywords.

I look forward to the day when the Google Search algorithm is smart enough to point searchers to the most relevant content even if it doesn’t even contain any of the words used in the search stealth secrets.

I would be great to go to Google, type “I want to learn how to grow tomatoes”, and be taken to the most relevant content even if it doesn’t contain any of the exact phrases in the search.

Sadly, that day is still a way off.

I do think Google is working toward it though. Each new search engine release seem to be getting closer.

Maybe we are at the midpoint.

We are way past the days when just stuffing as many high search volume phrases into a page would get you high ranking but still far short of being able to say keywords don’t matter.

For now, I recommend writing your content for the people you have identified as your target audience and not worry about keywords as you write.

Then, when you have a quality article or post, you can go back and work in a few good keywords – but only if they flow naturally in your existing writing.

Whatever you do, don’t try to write to please the search engine robots.

Robots don’t buy the products you are selling – people do.

When you do start adding those keywords, I suggest you concentrate on targeting low best spikeless golf shoes competition ones.


A low competition keyword is one that has some search volume but very few web pages including it.

Ideally we want to find keywords that a lot of people are typing into search engines but very few or no other sites are trying to rank for.

Searches vs Competition

There is a tradeoff between high search volume and competition.

A phrase that is getting a lot of searches will quickly attract a lot of competition.

How will you rank if there are thousands of websites targeting that keyword?

Now very well, especially if you have a new site.

Age of the post and website authority also factor into searches. That will make it harder for your new post to compete.

A look at the “How to grow tomatoes” example:

So, what does this search tell us?

The Avg column is the average number of search this keyword get each month.

In this case it is 10358 and that is a very high volume. If you managed to rank on the first page of Google for this search, the traffic column tells us you could expect 1761 page visits a month – just from this keyword.

But, the QSR (Quoted Search Results) column indicates 253 other sites are also targeting “how to grow tomatoes.”

That amount of competition is actually not horrible but you are probably not going to rank on the first page – maybe you have a chance at the third.

Looking down the list, “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” gets 199 searches each moth but there are only 18 other pages targeting it!

You have a much better chance of getting ranked if you target this keyword.

I would rather to get a big piece of a small pie than get just a crumb from a large one.

Besides “How to Grow Tomatoes in a Pot” is a better sounding post title.

By the way, make sure the keyword makes sense otherwise you wont be able to make it sound natural in you content.

For example “best way grow tomatoes” has a high search volume at 626 and low competition at 13.

But, if your correct the grammar to “best way to grow tomatoes” the search volume stays at 626 but the QSR jumps up to 147.

And here is another thing to keep in mind. When you target “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” you also do target the keyword “how to grow tomatoes” so you could get some hits for that too!

If you write naturally about your topic. You will include many other keywords in your text.

Even if most of them only attract 10 or fewer visits a month, the total traffic when you have many hundreds or thousands of keywords spread over many articles will mean substantial and constantly growing traffic.

Finding Keywords

I used Jaaxy for the above keyword search.

I like it because it it gives me all I want to know on a single page.

But, the free version has limitations and the Pro version costs money.

Still, you should give it a test drive.

You will get 30 free searches with the free version so you can put the program through it’s paces.

If you find it fits with your way of working, you can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

Jaaxy also includes other tools for finding domain names related to keywords, finding affiliate programs, finding your site ranking for a given keyword and more that I don’t have space for here.

For a free keyword tool, you can go straight to the source and use the Google Keyword Planner.

It is harder to use but it will get you the info you need.

Another very handy website for coming up with keywords is UberSuggest.

This free online tool produces a lot of keyword suggestions that you can research using Jaaxy or Google.

Here is a small sample of what it found for “how to grow tomatoes”:

Google Search is another easy way to get keyword ideas.

In particular you can use Google Instant to generate ideas. Here is a short video that will explain this” Alphabet Soup” technique.

Finding the competition of each keyword

Finding the competition for a keyword can be harder than finding the keyword itself.

You can do it in Google Search but it obvious how.

Just doing a Google search shows 3,550,000 results.

Obviously there are not three and a half million competing pages out there on the Internet.

To get the true competition number you must go to the last page of results. In this case page 33.

Here you can see that the real number of competing pages is 326.

Jaaxy and some other paid tool give the competition result as part of the search.

How long is your tail?

Adding words before or after a basic keyword to make it a lower competition phrase make it a long tail keyword.

If “grow tomatoes” is the basic search word, then “how to grow tomatoes” is a long tail key word and “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” is an even longer tail keyword.

In general, the longer the tail the easier it will be to rank and the lower the search volume will be.

There are exceptions though.

If you find a longer tail keyword with more searches than shorter tail ones you should probably jump on it. Inboxdollars scam or legit?

Quality of competition

Once you find a few keywords you think you can use, you should evaluate the quality of the competition for each.

I put the quality into 4 levels.

The highest is paid ads.

If someones pays Google to promote a keyword, they will go to the top of the list.

You can identify these because they have the word Ad in a yellow box in front of the listing.

Unless you want to pay more for each impression of the keyword, you are not going to outrank those sites.

Pay per click or pay per impression are a whole different ball game than what this post is about.

Until you are generating enough revenue to be able to support a paid campaign, I would not even consider trying it.

It can get very expensive and requires some special knowledge to participate.

Save it for down the road.

eCommerce sites are the second level.

They will almost always outrank affiliate sites.

For example, a search for “tomato cages” shows sites like Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon at the top.

Not much you can do about this one either.

Just be aware that if there ate a lot of eCommerce websites on the first page of results it will be harder for you to crack it.

Then there are other affiliate sites.

How you compete against these depends a lot on the quality of your content.

Click on a few of the other affiliate pages and see how you compare.

If they are just stuffing keywords into low quality content, you have a good chance to outrank them.

Go ahead and post your page then monitor your ranking.

If you are not moving up you should tweak your post to make it more competitive.

Just don’t sacrifice quality.

Finally there are forum posts, question and answer sites and other casual mention of the keyword.

You high quality work should easily outrank there pages.

This post is getting very long so I am going to hold off on talking about ways to work low competition keywords into your title and content until the next post.

In the mean time, questions and comments are very welcome.

Affiliate Marketing Definition – 3 Important Terms You Need To Know

affiliate marketing definition

Affiliate Marketing Definition – 3 Important Terms You Need To Know

If you have been involved in online business for any length of time, you are probably aware of what an affiliate marketing definition is. In this article, we will discuss affiliate marketing definition two in depth. In general, the affiliate marketer is rewarded when a referral or sale is made as a result of his or her marketing effort. What exactly is meant by “per referral” or “per sale”?

A true affiliate marketing definition would state that an affiliate receives a specific monetary reward for every referral or sale brought about by his or her efforts. An example might be that an individual is a real estate agent and that he or she works in a reasonably large office building. One day, while showing a home to a client, the real estate agent sees a potential client inside the building and asks the person if he or she would like to see the home. The individual agrees and enters the property.

The next day, the real estate agent again expresses interest in the house and wishes to show the potential buyer a house. Again, the salesperson thanks the potential client and shows the potential house. Sooner or later, however, the buyer makes his or her decision and decides not to purchase the home. What the salesperson has done during the first visit is referred to as a “pre-qualified customer.” This is exactly what an affiliate marketing program does, by bringing in pre-qualified customers so that the salesperson has a good understanding of the buying process and therefore can increase sales and profit.

Now, let’s discuss affiliate marketing definition two. In order for an affiliate marketing company to receive a commission, it must be able to send someone to the requesting party – in this case, the potential buyer – and receive a signed contract for the sale. In today’s ever-changing economy, commission rates are increasing and many companies are looking for other means to source prospects. For years, the agent received a fixed rate per lead and never had to look for another buyer, whereas some affiliate marketing programs offer an increased commission on each lead that is sold. So what you see is that commission rates have decreased and companies are looking for other ways to receive leads.

The final affiliate marketing definition, I want to give you is “the relationship between the buyer and the seller.” In other words, it’s important for the agency to create a strong relationship with the potential client so that the customer feels comfortable and is drawn to the agent. Most buyers go on to make at least one additional purchase after they have been helped by the first buyer. In order to increase sales, the affiliate marketing program needs to ensure that it maintains a good relationship with each of its clients.

There are several ways to promote an advertiser’s products or services on the Internet. Some are more time-consuming than others, but all require some sort of investment, whether that is time or money. Pay-per-click, which is the most common form of advertising today, involves a company placing text ads on relevant websites. Each time someone clicks on one of these text ads, the advertiser pays the website owner a predetermined fee. This type of commission is only applicable if the website owner agrees to display the advertiser’s ad.

How Can an Online Digital Marketing Certificate Be Helpful in Your Career?

online digital marketing certificate

How Can an Online Digital Marketing Certificate Be Helpful in Your Career?

Online digital marketing certifications are not only valuable to prove your abilities and practical for you to take. Since the online digital marketing industry is the largest one with several training fields within different sub-categories, there are a multitude of certification programs where you have an immense opportunity to gain digital marketing knowledge. But where to start from? There are several certifications offered online but before taking any particular online digital marketing certification test, it would be essential to assess first what you really want to master about this online digital marketing certification. Here are some things that might help you.

This kind of training is for those individuals who are already marketing online and if you have been marketing online for quite some time now, this certification is for you. With this type of online digital marketing training, you will be taught how to create landing pages that capture your target clients’ interests and attention. With this training, you will also learn how to use various search engine optimization techniques in order to effectively increase the visibility of your business site on the internet. You may be required to complete a certain duration period in order to pass the exams.

A good option for those who have less time to learn but would still want to learn more about online marketing is by enrolling in a program where they can gain valuable insights and information about this field. In doing so, there are certain aspects that are addressed such as social media marketing analytics, online advertising, link building, article writing, search engine optimization, and many others. The curriculum may include a certain duration in which the student has to complete all the courses or it may offer flexibility to the student so that they can choose to participate in the classes whenever they want to. Depending on the nature of the course, the tuition fee will be quite high but you are assured that after completing the curriculum, you are prepared to take an entrance exam to become a certified professional in this field.

Another type of online training program consists of modules where you are provided with the necessary training and resources to develop your own personal online content strategy. This content strategy will be geared towards optimizing your website and increasing traffic to it. This program consists of modules that address link building, keyword analysis, social media marketing analytics, SEO copywriting, PPC and paid listings, and many others. This program consists of a certain amount of time which needs to be devoted to each of these areas so that you can become proficient in them.

Training that delivers online digital certificates also consists of a comprehensive analytics package that addresses every aspect of your online business. Once you complete this package, you will be able to fully understand the importance of content strategy, link building, keyword analysis, social media marketing analytics, SEO copywriting, PPC, and paid listings. In addition, once you complete this training, you will be able to fully understand the importance of link building and keyword analysis.

Finally, you can acquire an online marketing certification by attending a course that is appropriately designed for the specific needs of your profession. For instance, if you intend to be an advertising salesperson, an advertising sales trainer, or a PPC consultant, there are different courses that can be delivered online. The same holds true for service design. All of these professionals can benefit from content strategy, keyword analysis, social media marketing analytics, PPC, and paid listings. If you are an advertising professional, then a certificate in this area can prove to be extremely advantageous.

Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

delhi school of internet marketing

Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

A list of Delhi School of Internet Marketing employees could include a number of individuals who have contributed significantly to the success of many websites around the world. These people range from designers and programmers to administrators and support staff. They are the core components of a web development company, responsible for creating a number of dynamic web sites for companies or individuals. In order to become part of this growing community of web developers and internet marketing gurus, you need to be very driven, disciplined, and above all talented.

These qualities are also reflected in the list of Delhi School of Internet Marketing employees mentioned above. These individuals have been responsible for the creation of some of the most popular websites around the world, including one that was recently sold for $40 million. Dipu Khatri is the head of IT at the School of IT, Meerut. Ajay Srivastava is a former business development executive at Neotel and is now a practicing entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. Manoj Kulkarni is a former finance secretary and now a major player in the IT industry in Delhi and across the country.

These individuals have been at the forefront of digital innovation in India and abroad. The result of their efforts has been vast improvements in the efficiency of many companies’ web operations. Their services have been widely hired by international corporations to improve their online business operations and processes. Some notable examples of the services that these graduates have provided include:

Many graduates from Delhi schools of internet marketing are now working with multinational companies to help them promote their products and services internationally. For example, one of the graduates who started an IT solutions company called iSight Technologies is currently helping a number of multinational companies with their ecommerce strategy. The company has grown incredibly since its inception and now serves more than a million customers worldwide.

The services that these graduates are providing are also ideal for those looking to start their own businesses. In addition to helping the business owners market their products and services to their existing customers, they can also help the new businesses that they assist set up their online businesses. As they do so, they provide SEO (search engine optimization) services, link building services, social media optimization services, and article writing services to the clients.

These graduates are just some of the few professionals who have been working in and around the Delhi area in the field of IT for quite some time. They have proven themselves to be experts in the area of internet marketing and other related fields. Graduates such as Ashok Aggarwal and Sameer Bokhia have become very successful within their own businesses after getting training at this school. Today, they have set up their own companies that focus on providing not only SEO but also PPC and SMO services to clients across India. Their services are not just limited to the Delhi area, but are being utilized in places like Kolkata, Bangalore, and even Mumbai.

How To Get The Best Results With Your Google AdWords Campaigns

internet marketing company

How To Get The Best Results With Your Google AdWords Campaigns

Wondering how to sell your fitness business? It’s becoming an increasingly competitive industry and being different is harder than ever. However, don’t worry, get everything you need in this piece by following the advice in the article. In it, we go over some tips and tricks many internet marketing firms won’t tell you about.

Start Small & Build Your Business One of the things that internet marketing companies will always tell you is to start small. That’s true, however, don’t stop there. Keep building on your business as you grow. Don’t think about just trying to target your main demographic. Instead, think about adding new customers or expanding your market to reach people who might not have even heard of you before.

Know Your Customers Your internet marketing company will always tell you to target the core group of your target audience. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the rest of the market. You need to understand who else is in your area of operation. This is where a digital marketing strategy can help you. If you can learn about your competitor’s customers, you can find new customers and keep existing ones happy. This is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy.

Use Social Proof The social proof is the ultimate weapon when it comes to your business. A good internet marketing firm will tell you that advertising online is a tough business. You’ll need to make sure that you’re getting the most for your advertising dollars. This is done with social proof and using the social media systems to your advantage. By including links to things like Facebook and Twitter that are actively used by your target market, you’ll be able to convince those in your customer’s social media network that you are the agency to do business with.

Make Google Work For You One great thing about internet marketing company agencies is that they know what Google is all about. They work hard to get their clients to rank high in the natural and organic listings of Google. The key to doing this is making sure that you’re using the best keywords and keyword phrases for your own website, as well as using the right pay per click advertising campaigns to get the best results with your ads.

No matter how good your digital marketing strategy is, if you don’t monitor your progress, you’ll never be able to see the results of your efforts. To this end, you should work with an internet marketing agency that has a good reputation and track record. Ask for examples of their successful campaigns and work with them on a regular basis. Together, you can create a successful online advertising campaign for your business.

Affiliate Marketing Meaning – Five Ways to Make Money Online

affiliate marketing meaning

Affiliate Marketing Meaning – Five Ways to Make Money Online

If you are a beginner in Affiliate Marketing, it’s easy to find yourself wondering what this means. Essentially, affiliate marketing is where you sell another person’s products, for a profit. If the products are useful and valuable, the person will be more likely to buy other things through you. So, if you’re a homeowner who sells tips on how to fix your home, you could add a link to a homeowners guide on the page that you have designed, and people will click on it because it is useful and has value to them. They will then be inclined to buy other helpful information and tools through you, which means you get a commission from the sale.

This is the basic principle of affiliate marketing meaning, and the reason it works so well. Now, when you are just starting out, and learning the ropes, it is important that you research every single opportunity that you are considering. This way you know which companies offer the best commission rates and you can focus all your energy promoting those companies. This means putting effort into building a list, as well as learning as much about affiliate marketing statistics as possible. It will also mean keeping an eye on what competitors are doing and working to be even more superior than them.

One affiliate marketing meaning you should keep in mind is the blog. Blogging can be a very effective tool and can help you learn many things about affiliate marketing meaning you will be able to do even more once you are established. A blog will allow you to communicate with your customers and potential customers in a non-face-to-face manner, so you will be able to build trust with them and learn everything you need to in order to increase your customer base and profits.

Another affiliate marketing meaning is that of affiliate networks. These networks will reward you for referring people to other people’s sites and vice versa. For example, if you happen to have a website that offers a dog training guide, then you can refer people to that site through affiliate networks and make a commission off of each referral. Affiliate networks work great in conjunction with article marketing, which is another great way to promote affiliate programs and commissions.

Yet another affiliate marketing meaning is the power of email marketing. When you create content for your blog or site, it will become important that you constantly build relationships with your readers. After all, the reason why you are creating content is so that your audience will come back to see what new information and products you have to share with them. The more they come back to your site, the more chances you have of making money. So one of the best ways to do this is to send out an email newsletter about a specific niche topic within your niche and include a link to an affiliate program or site that you recommend. You’ll never know until you try it, but it can be very powerful if you use it right.

Lastly, the last affiliate marketing meaning is related to the viral nature of the internet. The word viral simply means that once you have introduced something, it will continue to spread itself without your efforts. For example, you might have heard of the My Little Pony DVDs. Several years ago, those sets became hugely popular because a child found the show to be hilarious. The set became a favorite of children and parents alike, and no matter how often children ask their parents to go and watch one, they keep bringing it up and asking when they’re going to get the next one.

Paid ViewPoint Review – They Scammed Me!

My Paid ViewPoint review will reveal my actual experiences with this dodgy company.

Yes, I did just say the word dodgy.

Because if paid viewpoint ain’t a big scam then I will eat my hat – with a cherry on top!

That’s right folks, I don’t have a hat but I will buy one and eat it if I have to.

You see – Paid Viewpoint got me good.

Heck yeah!

Let me tell you how they got me.

They promised ten cents per survey which is ten questions each survey.

But they only gave me three cents.

I did the surveys every day for several months.

Do you know how much they paid me?  $3.95!

Now, I know it was only 5 minutes a day max, but that stinks to me.

It might have been closer to ten dollars had I been in the right region of the world.

But no, I feel I was scammed big time.

I was hoping all along that once I had completed survey that they would eventually pay me 10 cents a time.

That’s why I simply had to write this Paid ViewPoint Review – so that I could save so many from their clutches.

Do NOT get scammed by this survey company.

Read exactly how they got me below and how they will probably get you too!

4 Months in…and what?

So there I am four months in sitting on a traitscore of the maximum 10,000 points – where they promise you will get more per survey – “Yeah Sure… – Suckered Yet Again!”

Needless to say, after a few days of STILL getting only 3 cents per day – I told them where to get off.

I sent emails to them asking why I had been given only 3 cents per survey.

I asked them if it was something to do with me living in a third world country – Thailand – as an expat.

Did they think that I was a Thai person and therefore didn’t deserve the full 10 cents per survey?

That is racism, isn’t it?

At the very least it is discrimination based on location.

What do you think?

Am I being paranoid?

Let’s move on.

Combined with my experience, not only have I been scammed but they actually discriminated against me because I was located in a “foreign” country.

Simply because I was here in Thailand, I got only 1 third of what was quite honestly a low payout anyways.

10 cents v 3 cents here in Thailand is still peanuts whichever way you cut it.

So it’s even less valuable in the other countries.

They said 10 cents – So it should be ten cents, right?

No matter where you are or who you are or what language you speak or what culture you live in, it should be 10 cents if they say 10 cents.

Not 3 cents.


They got back to me – And guess what they said?

They said something along the lines of…

“Sorry Sir, Paid ViewPoint only pays out 10 cents or more per survey if you live in certain regions.”

“Oh boy oh boy, was I angry?”

Now…let me tell you this.

Not only did they pay me a measly 3 cents per survey but they gave me just one survey per day.

And not only that, they didn’t even care to inform me before I started or during my 4 months that I was never, ever going to see even 10 cents per survey!

To me that is all UTMOST dishonesty and a SCAM that should be avoided at all costs.

My Paid ViewPoint Review is a real life experience opinion of this survey site.

Even when I passed the promised TRAITSCORE of 10,000 points I was still making 3 cents a day.


I continued on for about a week,  but it became clear to me that nothing was changing.

I was answering 10 questions for 3 cents per day, basically slave labour.

Heck, ten cents per day would be slave labour, wouldn’t it?

You catchin’ my drift folks?

“I haven’t even reached the $15 payment threshold.

So I can’t cash out until when?….

So I asked them…

How many YEARS will it take me to reach $15 dollars when I make 3 cents per day?”

(Yes I was being sarcastic when I asked them my question – I feel I had every right to be!)

And…surprise, surprise?

Of course – you guessed it right – there was NO reply.

It seemed as though they were so utterly ashamed of themselves and couldn’t answer through embarrassment.

What do you think folks?

And please, please, please folks, “Do not waste your time on Paid Viewpoint, because I guarantee you that they will scam you in a similar manner!”

10 cents is peanuts.

I wouldn’t go back to PaidViewpoint even if they got back to me and said “Hey, James, we will give you $1 dollar per survey if you come back!”  I implore anyone reading this,  “PLEASE do not do this Paid ViewPoint nonsense!”

(Even if you DO get your whole ten cents per survey) Just…Do…Not…Do…Paid…View…Point…”

So my overall advice is to stay well away from Paid Viewpoint and possibly a lot of other survey companies just like that, who promise to pay you a decent amount of money.

They find a way to cheat you out of your time and efforts.

Much better to go for something legitimate.

Better go for my #1 Recommended method of making online.

If you want a legitimate way to make money online from your home then I have something far superior than those scammy survey type things.

See the picture below?

Click and get a free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate and you can start building an online business today.

They’ll teach you all you need to know.

MY #1

If you know of a survey that has paid well, then I would sure like to know of it so that I can check it out for my readers.

Let me know below in the comments and I will look into it.

Do you folks think that I am going to continue on with Paid Viewpoint until I hit the $15 cashout?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

No way Jose!  I ain’t a mug no more.

Throwing good time after bad time is a mug’s game and I “ain’t gonna be no mug no more.”

I did find something else completely though and you can read all about why I love it in my review which is here.

The best way to make money online is not by doing silly, time consuming, low paying surveys.

Your time and your efforts are far better spent on something that actually teaches you how to make money online (legitimately)

You will have to spend a little more than five minutes per day though, the more time you spend now the less time you will need to spend later on when you are more established.

I should now introduce you to something that is far, far superior to ANY survey site and much, much more profitable than any survey website.

I got burned.

I don’t want to see others get burned the same way.

These survey companies? (this one in particular)

They are cheating many POOR people out of honest money.

They prey on the desperate who need to make money online.

What legitimate ways to make money online are available?

There are many legitimate ways to make money online.

But I am going to tell you about my favourite method.

I can tell you that since I was scammed by paid viewpoint that I have discovered an online training place where –

You can get even more if you go PREMIUM ($47 a month) – 25 websites are included (not that you could ever use them all – It is a lot of work!

Plus, you get access to ALL training materials, weekly webinars and all premium features.

How would you like to start a new online business today?

I won’t bore you with the details, cos you can just follow this link and it will take you directly to the front doors of Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, affiliate…as in affiliate marketing.  You with me?

If you’d like to take a shortcut and you’re already convinced that you can make money online then go here.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It sounds complicated…but it isn’t.

Affiliate marketing is basically blogging and advertising products on your website so people click on them and buy.

You get a commission.

How much?

That depends on what you are advertising on your site.

You want Google’s Adsense? Clickbank? Amazon?  JVZoo?

There are many more companies that you can get products from to advertise on your website.

Want to learn some cool tricks from me and others who are members?

Good luck and maybe I will meet you on the inside, eh?

To be taken direct to their site, simply click here.

or you can read my much more detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Go right ahead and keep being scammed over and over again until you realize that you should have just trusted me in the first place when I told you to click that link.

Boy oh boy, some people just don’t get it.

They think they have to do no work to make money online.

So sad it is.

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Paid Surveys Etc Review : Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Paid Surveys Etc Review

Paid Surveys Etc offered a well-organized, clean site with easy navigation tools, but fewer survey links than most survey database sites offer for the same money.

The site would be ideal for people who are willing to pay more for convenience and are less concerned about bang for the buck.

Our research into the site provided some details on the good and not-so-good elements of the site.

The homepage for this survey database site contained a letter from Michelle McAllister detailing how online survey takers can make $2500 to $3500 per month, a lofty claim unsubstantiated by any evidence.

Ms. McAllister claimed she made enough money to quit her job and do surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and movie trailer previews from home full-time.

In our experience, her numbers are inflated and can be misleading to first-time users.

Paid Surveys Etc 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The positive side of this letter was an offer of a 60-day money back guarantee to anyone who was not satisfied with the site, allowing those who do not earn large dollar amounts in the first two months a way to opt out and get their money back.

Further down on the homepage was a calculator that users could use to calculate their potential income from completing online surveys.

Beyond that was a series of testimonials from members who claimed to earn a full-time income from using links available on the site.

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After scrolling beyond the list of testimonials, we found a registration link for the site, as well as descriptions of special bonus offers.

Patient users who scroll through the lengthy homepage to the bottom will find a half-off coupon and payment options of credit card, PayPal, or personal check.

This was the first site we have seen that gives users the option of paying by personal check.

We opted to pay by credit card, and upon entering our half-off coupon code, were charged a total fee of $34.99 including tax.

We tried exiting the page and returning for more discounts, but the original half-off coupon was the only reduction incentive we discovered.

We then advanced past a payment screen where we input our credit card information.

After submitting our information, we skipped past two automatic sales pages offering money-making opportunities for writers.

The next screen brought up a secure payment form where we received our order number.

The following screen welcomed us to the member’s area of the site and gave us our username and password — a standard username and password most likely assigned to all users as it contained no words or characters unique to our account.

The member’s area was organized into six separate tabs.

The Home tab included a welcome letter from Michelle.

The First Step tab included useful tips to help ensure users’ success, such as using a separate email account for site registrations, subscribing to Roboform, and registering with every available site listed.

The Survey Database tab included lists of links to survey websites.

The Bonuses and Extras tabs offered additional money-making opportunities.

The Contact Us tab contained a link to the site’s customer service.

The Survey Database section of the site was surprisingly well-organized.

It was divided into four different categories: Survey Database, Paid to Shop, Food Emails, and Paid to Drive.

Each one of these categories contained links laid out in tables with columns for the webpage name and link, region, and incentive offered.

Between the four different categories, there were 13 pages of links to consider.

The number of links totaled 188, of which 105 were links to survey and focus group websites.

Only 13 of those were bad links or directed us to irrelevant websites.

People who are easily frustrated by having to filter through numerous missing links would find this site ideal.

People looking for volume would be very disappointed as some other survey database sites on the web offer access to hundreds of web survey links to people patient enough to work through them.

Should You Try Paid Surveys Etc?

In conclusion, this site fell somewhere in the middle for us.

The organized, easy-to navigate features made it easy to love, but the smaller number of survey sites went against our desire to get the most for our registration dollar.

There are simply better paid survey sites out there.